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"When we say 'refurbish', we mean a full strip and rebuild"

Breathing new life...preparing specialist woodworking machinery to give you several more lifetimes of service.

"Clean-Oil-Paint" is all too often the mantra of machine renovation. At J. Priestley & Son nothing leaves our workshops until we are certain that every bush and cog is primed and ready for serious industrial use.

The full strip and rebuild is the norm at J. Priestley & Son: if a part is worn we replace it; if the replacement isn't available we make it. This is how we ship and install our woodworking machinery across the world with complete confidence.

If you know machinery you will know that purchasing pre-owned plant gives you the assurance of provenance and recorded working efficiency: but only if you know the refurbishment of that plant has matched the original manufacture in attention to quality, both in components and in workmanship.

Refurbished machinery from J. Priestley and Son carries the guarantee of that attention to quality.

Full strip & rebuild - refurbishing machinery at J. Priestley, woodworking engineers, specialists in the sale, refurbishment and maintenance of woodworking machinery